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Things need to be checked prior to book your Wedding Venue

A wedding is one of the important occasions in your lifetime. It needs planning, preparations, efforts, and successful execution. Still, in many cases, we find couples are struggling with some of the very basic but important decisions. One of them is choosing the right place for your wedding events which will reflect your wedding mood in wedding photographs.

In India, wedding places are mostly selected by our near and dear ones and not by the couple. The challenge here is, as a bride or groom you are the best person to know about your wedding, all the dreams you have thought of for a long time! So needless to say, that choosing the right venue can enhance your wedding pictures and it requires your proactive participation too.

In this blog, we would discuss some important points related to a wedding venue and how they can enhance or degrade the outcome of your wedding pictures and wedding films. Apart from your guests and relatives the other two you need to value most are the photographers and the event managers. You need to involve them when you are considering venues, defining decor, etc. After all, if the memories are captured well, they can be treasured of a lifetime. 

Lights: As most of the Indian wedding events occur in the evening, you must be very careful about lights. Try to choose warm lights instead of fluorescent lights in the venue. Warm light will provide you a traditional yellowish tone that soothes your eyes and will enhance the overall look in your photographs.

Décor: Similarly, your wedding decor also needs to complement the warm colors of light. If you are booking a small venue or banquet, you should be more careful with the color palette of the venue. Green, Magenta or any fluorescent colors are strictly prohibited as these colors make the rooms size smaller. Any pastel or warm color is always good for your wedding irrespective of the size - it enhances your pictures. Please consider the fresh flowers to decorate the wedding venue. Marigold and Carnations have commonly used flowers at a wedding. Try to use minimum orchids and maximum flowers. 

Indoor/Outdoor: If you are planning your wedding in winter. You can use outdoor for the morning rituals. Morning lights are good for pictures and its appropriate for Haldi, Mehendi, Tilak, etc. If you are planning to perform these activities inside the venue ample warm lights are required.

Size: Please make sure, your wedding venue size should be proportionate to the number of invites or guests. If the number of invites is less and you are booking a big venue or vice-versa, the discrepancy reflects in your wedding pictures. The thumb rule which is widely followed is, you need to restrict the number of guests till 175- 180 if your banquet capacity is 200. 

View: If you have a decent budget, then you can think of adding some extra flavors into the venue. A venue with a swimming pool/ garden/ Lawn/ open terrace etc will surely be a bonus.  

In conclusion, you should be clear about what you want to plan for your wedding and closely stay in touch with your photo shooters. Because irrespective of a small or big wedding, what matters the most is how you want to memorize and see your memorable day in the future.

Wish you all the best. 

Payel Chatterjee

 Production Designer

 ( Monojit Bhattacharya & Team)


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