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Top Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding.

As a bride or groom, you need to understand the basic need to photograph your wedding – How important photography is at your own wedding! Will you just want to capture the slice of the event! Or you dream to have the moments of joy, laughter, sorrow – all the human emotions of life. Would the photography will be an integral part of the event or it’s just an obligation for you. On a scale of 1 - 10, while 10 is considered the most valuable part of your wedding, you can decide where you are standing now. Based on this, now you are in a better shape to judge or consider a couple of more points which help you to choose the wedding photographer for your wedding day.


  1. Budget: There is nothing termed as right or wrong budget. The budget will be depending upon the priority of photography in the wedding event. Always keep a range in your mind while deciding on the budget. Please do not follow someone’s advice on this. A decent photography package starts from a minimum of 45K onwards to 4 Lakh per day. 
  2. Identify the Style: There are different types of wedding photographers in the market. Lifestyle wedding photographer, wedding photojournalist, fine art wedding photographer, and the famous candid wedding photographer are some of the wedding photographers in the market to choose from. Please check among the list whose style you can relate most. If you identify the style, your job is half done.
  3. See the entire work of a single wedding: Photographers show prospective clients a portfolio of their best pictures, all from different weddings. However, that’s not all. Please ask them to share, an entire portfolio of a single wedding. This will help you to understand what will be the end product of your wedding portfolio. Certainly, you don’t want just 30 to 40 remarkable pictures and the rest are the standard ones. All photos should look good and carry a signature style of the photographer. 
  4. The personality of the photographer: As it said, a photograph can tell who the photographer was. A photographer must be passionate about his job, must be cordial, well-behaved and must be a problem solver. To understand the person, you must meet him in person. Try to evaluate how serious and eager he/ she is about the project. This will help you narrow down the search for a wedding photographer.
  5. Compare packages: Don’t forget to compare packages and benefits given by fellow wedding photographers. This is super important and you need to understand the value of money. Also, try and understand the different timelines by which you will get the images, galleries, albums, etc from the photographers. Check if the photographers can do a pre-wedding shoot in the package. This will be an add on bonus for you. Understanding your requirements is important. Please ask the photographers about the usage rights of the photographs! Will you get them with or without watermark images! If you have only the watermark images and you need to print the images from another vendor, you might have to buy the images from the photographer. 
  6. References: Choosing a wedding photographer referred by a friend can be a good idea. But definitely not all. Please check, if he has a website, an Instagram account or other online social media accounts or not! This will help you to view his work, you can also understand his/her different clientele. A photographer who has various clients has more experience than others and definitely, he/she has more expertise to handle your job.

A wedding is something very much special to each one of us. This means careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style, and personal demeanor are extra important while choosing your wedding photographer. 


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